Built for Lightspeed!

Built for Lightspeed!

S2ync will integrate your Lightspeed POS with a Shopify store while automatically retrieving product data so you don’t have to

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Use the Best Platforms

S2YNC is the much needed solution that allows your store to use the Lightspeed Point-of-Sale with the largely popular and customizeable Shopify ecommerce platform. Don’t be tied down to box solutions. Build the site you want.

Use the Best Platforms
Real-Time Updates

Don’t risk over selling. S2YNC keeps your Shopify store up-to-date so that your web store quantities match your Brick and Mortar

Keep it Simple

We believe retailers should only have to manage inventory in one place. This is why S2YNC is designed so that you can make all of your changes in Lightspeed without worrying about product data in Shopify.

Multiple Data Sources

Curating product data takes hours of work. S2YNC minimizes this by retrieving 10’s of thousands of pages of product data to fill in your listings.

Image Server

S2YNC hosts a large image server full of high quality product photos for many of the products in your system. Save time on taking product photos and money on file storage.

Updates and Improvement

At S2 we’re never satisfied with the status quo. Our products are continuously developed and constantly improving. We’re always adding new data sources and functionality.

Feature Requests

S2 strives to deliver the product that YOU want. This is why we dont shy away from Feature Requests. If you tell us there is a functionality that would improve your business, we want to make it happen.


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S2YNC is all about minimizing the work that you and your employees have to do.

Product Database

When your store gets S2YNC’ed, you get access to a large database of product data, including descriptions, titles, images, and more. This means that right from the get-go, many of your products will have all of the data needed put them on your website, saving you on hundreds of man hours collecting or taking product images and writing product descriptions. Additionally, our product database is constantly updated as we retrieve new products, or old products are revised so that you always have the most current info on your site.

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Product Categorization

The category structure of your brick & mortar store is undoubtedly going to be different than the structure of your Shopify store. S2YNC allows for a custom category mapping so that the category structure in your POS can be translated to a structure worthy of your forward-facing website, ensuring all of your products end up where you want them without the manual work.

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Syncing Sales

Managing two sales platforms can be a pain, which is why S2 aims to simplify it with S2YNC. Sales made on your Shopify platform are automatically created in Lightspeed, ensuring all of your reporting reflects ALL of your sales. This also correctly adjusts your inventory, with no hard adjustments. S2YNC accurately accounts for tax and shipping charged when necessary so that your bookkeeping stays clean.

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What is “product data” and where do you get it?

In a brick and mortar store, products speak for themselves as customers peruse your shop. Online, the product listing has to do all the talking. This is why having high quality images, accurate and complete descriptions and a clean titles are necessary. But they are hard to come by! Taking your own product photos and writing descriptions for products is labor intensive and usually doesn’t come out how you want. S2YNC sources a lot of this data from your product distributors, so that you and your employees can focus on other things. 

Do my products need to be set up in matrices?

Product matrices are a popular way to keep products organized by their options. Having your products grouped under a single product page with selectable options is an absolute must in online shopping, however, if you don’t use matrices in your POS, don’t fret. S2YNC uses data from product distributors to group products so that your product pages will always look good, even if you haven’t set up a matrix for an item yet. 

Is S2YNC plug-and-play or is there significant setup?

S2YNC is all about improving on those “box solutions” to give retailers a competitive advantage over all of the cookie-cutter setups out there. For that reason, it’s not 100% plug-and-play, but it’s close! We will spend a little bit of time reviewing your brick and mortar POS as well as your current site (if you have one) to establish what you need in onboarding, map your categories, and within a few days your store will be loaded up with product data.

How long are your contracts?

The on-boarding process for a new store does require a good amount of work on our end as we strive to ensure that every store’s integration produces the best results. For this reason, we do ask for an initial three month commitment. After that you are free to cancel at any time should your business needs change. 

What happens to my site when I cancel?

S2YNC was designed to give retailers the freedom to use the platforms they want, and we operate with that in mind. If you no longer have a need for S2YNC, we would simply stop updating products using our system. All of the product data uploaded to your Lightspeed POS and Shopify stores up until the day you cancel is yours to keep. Your website is still yours, your data is still yours. 

Do you offer a free trial?

Because S2YNC isn’t a cookie-cutter box solution, there’s a good amount of work that we do to setup a store in a way that doesn’t disrupt your business and provides you with a quality end-product. Additionally, once we start uploading data to your platforms, that data is yours to keep. Because of that, we don’t offer a free trial, but we understand if you want to know more! If you want some more detail please reach out to us!